Is your Isolation Buddy extra needy or Bored?

Keeping ourselves entertained and our minds busy is one of the most important things that we can be doing during this period of isolation. Staying at home can get very repetitive and monotonous for even the most introverted when we not take proper measures to help keep our brains active and stimulated. The fact is this is actually no different for your pet who are riding out this adventure right by your side.

Whether your new full-time cuddle buddy is used to being inside all the time, is experiencing being inside all day for the first time or is simply not getting as many walks as they used to due to your own fear of exposure, keeping them properly entertained is still a must to ensure your fur baby can stay happy and healthy. Here are just a few ideas of things that you can do with your pet throughout the day.

Teach your pet a new trick
This is one of the best ways to entertain your pet. This is a very beneficial activity because it forces your pet to think about what they are doing, making it very mentally stimulating for them. (Plus we’re sure they won’t say no to a few good behaviour treats!)
A spa day
Give your pup a bath, if they like them of course! This can be a fun activity to do for your fur baby while they are stuck at home, and who doesn’t like the feeling of a nice warm, relaxing bath? We have a range of grooming products to select from which will keep your fluffy friend not only smelling great, but their coat healthy and itch free all through winter too.
Create an indoor obstacle course
Using items you have on hand (perhaps from the boxes of your many online purchases – we don’t judge) build a fun and challenging obstacle course that you can play with your pets on. Use blankets to construct forts or tunnels. This is a fun way to exercise their mind while also exercising their bodies and changes up their usual environment in the process.

Of course physically playing with your pet is a great way to keep them entertained, but is not always realistic given many of us are home to work, and sadly unable to spend our days entertaining our pets. If you don’t have the entire day to devote to our pets, here are a few great ideas when you need to be alone:

Hide and seek
Hide treats around the house or in a toy like our Natural Rubber Treat Toy. This allows them to “hunt down” their treats and then put in a bit of work to get to them. They have to use their senses and problem solve to get the reward.
Independent play toys
Use a toy that allows for your pet to play independently. Some great options include our Rock and Roll Treat Dispenser Toy for your kitty or our Clean and Chew Dental toy which encourages chewing to keep your pup entertained (while also cleaning their teeth) throughout the day.
Boxes on boxes!
Give a cat a box and their imagination will do the rest. Cats love to explore so placing boxes around the house will allow them to explore a new spaces in a comfortable environment, giving new life and excitement to your home. Boxes have also been known to help reduce anxiety in cats, and many consider them a “safe space” to curl up in.

While this is a very unusual time, don’t forget to pause and enjoy the extra time you have with your pet and families throughout the day. We can all use this as a opportunity to get closer with our fur babies and make the best out of a less than ideal time.

Stay safe everyone!