Simple but Clever

That’s what LickiMat® has been described as by the powerplaters in the industry. The great thing about LickiMat is how versatile it is. Originally developed as a boredom buster and a fun treat maker, LickiMat was designed as an easy-to use, medical-free way to combat anxiety and stress in animals. We have heard from vets who learnt about LickiMats from conferences during lectures on separation anxiety. Their usage has gone beyond being just a treat maker. We have heard from people in all aspects of the pet industry on why and how they use their LickiMats.


Enrichment Toy to Combat Boredom and Self-Harm
With just a small amount of food, you can make a long lasting treat. Perfect if you want to just spoil your pet by putting a splash of leftover gravy on it. Or make a boredom buster to keep your dog busy while your out for a few hours. They are simple and affordable, which makes them a great enrichment toy for animal shelters and all pet owners.

There are rubber treat toys out there which you stuff with peanut butter or something similar. The dog sticks his tongue in to lick out the treat. Unfortunately, my dog as well as a few others I have heard about, don’t like to do this. One guy said that his dog found it really frustrating and tried to bite his toy. LickiMat is a great alternative for dogs like that. We don’t believe that any pet toy or feeder should ever be frustrating.

Animal shelters have been telling us it has been invaluable to the enrichment of sheltered animals’ lives.. It’s very important to keep animals stimulated. Preventing boredom may stop your dog from taking its frustration out on your furniture, clothes and causing injuring to itself.


Attention Diverter for Vets, Groomers and Dog Washers
Vets have told us they are using LickiMat at their practice in two ways. Firstly, it’s a great way to distract an animal e.g. when it’s about to receive an injection. Secondly, some pets are nervous about going to the vet, so in the waiting room it is a great tool to alleviate stress before entering the consultation room.

Mobile dog washers and groomers are telling us they use them to relax and distract the animals during their appointment. This makes the experience for the dog much nicer and the handler’s job much easier!

Dog trainers are using them as training aids during dog obedience classes. They are great as motivational awards for animals and make training fun. Many dog clubs offer them to their clients to buy in order to continue their dog’s training at home.

Making a Banana and Hazelnut Smoothie

Create Nutritional Diet Boosters

When people think of pet treats they think of something like a dog biscuit or chewy strap, possibly loaded with artificial colours and flavouring. With a LickiMat you can make a healthy treat. It’s a great way to make a snack out of nuts, fruit and vegetables, from only those which are safe for pets, of course.

What a simple way to give your pet extra health boosting vitamins like calcium, iron or just some extra fibre needed for constipation. The great thing about giving your dog a plant-based snack is that you’re giving them something that is healthy, low in fat and low in calories. Whether your dog is sick or healthy there’s nothing wrong in an extra vitamin boost. Broccoli, peas, brussel sprouts… These may be foods your dog may normally spit out, but they’re full of goodness and making a LickiMat mix, you could probably get them to eat them.

Many pet owners like to do the best they can for their animal and supplement their diet with something healthy. You’re not expecting a miracle cure for health issues, but you’re looking for foods that may help.You may have a dog with arthritis, itchy skin and you’ve read an article saying that omega 3 oils may help. With a LickiMat you can easily make a daily treat based around those ingredients. e.g. oily fish loaded with omega-3 for and glucosamine for joint health.

If your dog has a skin allergy, try making a treat to help alleviate their discomfort. There are foods that have natural anti-inflammatory properties, and may work wonders if made into a daily snack. Try pineapple. It’s safe for dogs and a great anti-inflammatory. For itchy skin you may also want to try yummy treat containing coconut oil, or turmeric powder to help relieve skin inflammation.


Yoghurt served with blueberries and probiotics

If your dog has the attack of the wind, flatulence is often due to dietary issues. Possible reasons could be food allergy, intolerance to something it’s fed or malabsorption. A possible remedy is to add probiotics to your dog’s diet or feed them natural live yoghurt. Spread some yoghurt on a Lickimat. Sprinkle some probiotics on top to rebalance your dog’s gut and strengthen the immune system. While you’re doing that add a bit of fruit like blueberries – bursting with antioxidants. They are low in fat, rich in vitamin C and fibre. Squish or blend them into the yoghurt, or throw a few frozen berries on top for a flavour burst. Check with your vet in advance how much probiotics your dog needs.

Extra Fluid Intake 
Sometimes you really know your dog need to drink some water, but can you ever force them? It’s pretty hard. Make delicious milky smoothies, freeze yoghurt and fresh fruity pulp on a Lickimat to make a tasty thirst quencher.


Appetite Stimulator
When you have a sick dog or one that is recuperating from surgery, you made find they have lost their appetite. It may be a bit hard to get your dog interesting in food again. Dogs are always curious about what we eat and sometimes we give them a little taster. We are told by specialists never to give your dog leftovers, but we always do and always will.

Why not try a sick dog with something tasty? Add a couple cups of your leftover dinner (providing the ingredients are OK for dogs)  mash together, add a bit of water, milk etc, and spread it on a LickiMat. Serve it warm to stimulate that little nose radar. They’ll enjoy the licking which may bring back their enjoyment of food. It may be just the extra thing they need to get them back on the road to recovery.

Ingredients for Coco and Sweet Potato Rice Pudding (with peanut butter)

Fun Treat Maker
The great thing about LickiMat is that you can use a little bit and it will go a long way. Leftover roast chicken, bit of leftover barbecued steak, roast veges…whatever you like. Use your imagination and make some fabulous treats.Fruit like bananas, pineapple, blueberries may all be delicious and good for them but your dog may want to eat a lot. They can’t as it will cause tummy upset, just like in humans. Spreading a small amount on a LickiMat will not only taste delicious, it will make a little treat feel like a big one.

In this blog we have created some delicious recipes for making pet treats. Follow them, or let them inspire you to make your own creations from what you already have in the fridge. Off-cuts of cooked meat, spare roast veges, or that pack of peas in the freezer you’ve been meaning to use. Get it all out and get cracking. Try mashing it up or blending together with a bit of liquid and make some tasty LickiMat fillers. Your dog will love it!

Slow Feeder for Small Dogs and Cats
You don’t always have to use a Lickimat as a treat creating mat. If you have a gut guzzling little pooch or cat, it works well as a slow feeder. Use your pet’s regular wet food and squish it into a LickiMat Buddy or Playdate. A friend recently told me that LickiMat slowed her Dachshund down from seconds to several minutes. She had never been able to find anything that worked, so she is rapt. Guzzling food can lead to indigestion, or to more serious outcomes like twisted bowel.

Another friend discovered that LickiMat Playdate is great for his greedy cat. Normally it would chomp its food in seconds then push the other cat out of the way and start on his. He now gives the greedy cat the Lickimat to slow him down therefore giving the other cat the chance to finish his meal. Simple! Great for small pets on a diet. Give them less food but it will still feel like a big meal.

Ditch the bowl and use a Lickimat to serve meals for small dogs and cats

Ditch the Bowl

LickiMat Buddy and Playdate make the perfect meal servers for small dogs and cats. It’s whisker friendly for cats and may be better than some cat bowl designs. At the end of every meal they will also have a fun time having a good lick round. One small can/pack of wet food fits well on it. For dry food, try wetting or oiling the mat first to allow crumbs to stick to make a fun game after every meal.

Please share how you use your LickiMat. We love to hear how they’re working for you.

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