We are Zeus and Luna (aka Zuna) a brother and sister (twins) Chihuahua super team.
We are always right even when we are wrong.. we are good even when we are bad.. and of course NO ONE can resist our cuteness.. just ask our Zia Selina & Zia Michelle!!!

Due to our size our hoooman mum struggled to find items that was pawfect just for us.. so after 2 years of struggling those items are only now just fitting, so… we decided to find all of these items and bring them to you along with some great treats and natural products..

We have searched Australia and outside the borders and will be bringing you nothing but the best.. we have tried and tested these products so we can tell you from our own experience.

If we haven’t tried it our BIG sister Stella (the hypo staffy) and the grumpy Tiny (the lazy cat) have tried it out for us… we have it all covered.
We have also recruited The “Holly’s” to assist us with QA (quality assurance)..

We are proudly Australian, and will continue to look for and support local business.. We’re constantly evolving & trying to keeping ahead of the trend.

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