DGG: Goats Milk – Shampoo


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Goat’s milk is the unexpected natural ingredient that has been quietly shaking up the skin care industry so it seems the obvious progression is to share that secret with our furry friends.

Naturally loaded with enriching vitamins and exfoliating acids as well as having restorative properties to encourage great skin condition, this natural ingredient is particularly good a treating dry, itchy, or sensitive skin

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Size: 400ml


  • Mixed with all-natural botanicals
  • Conditioning shampoo will cleanse, enhance shine
  • Contains Goats Milk
  • maintain skins natural PH balance without drying
  • Provides a long lasting, soft and silky finish all over.

Ingredients: Goats Milk, Honey, Oat, Calendula, St Johns Wort and a fragrant essential oil blend

Dedicated pampering with specialised benefits of Natural Goats Milk

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