DGG: Oatmeal – Shampoo


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Encourage healthy skin and maintain a lustrous healthy coat using the natural goodness of Australian organic extracts and essential oils.

The potent blend of lemongrass and lavender can help to naturally deter mites, ticks, fleas and other biting insects!

In stock


Size: 400ml


  • Soothe skin irritations
  • Helps to heal aggravated skin.
  • This gentle formulation leaves a healthy, shiny coat and an irritant-free dog.

Ingredients: Colloidal Oatmeal (25g/L comp is 15g/L), Aloe Vera which

DGG Natural Therapies Shampoos contain a specialty blend of 100% Natural Botanicals to help CALM your pet and naturally care for skin and coat. PH Balanced to protect dogs skin & coat health. SLES, Paraben Free & specifically PH balanced to 6.5 – 7 for superior non irritating coat care. Containing a calming & nurturing blend of 100% Natural Organic Botanicals of Chamomile, Calendula, Witch-Hazel & St Johns Wort and the odour eliminating ingredient of Ordenone to ensure your pooch smells their very best.

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