Doorstop: Spotty Puppy Dog


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Spotty Puppy Dog – Doorstop

Cute addition to any household. Watch your fur-babies try and work out why this puppy wont play with them.
This is a very sweet decorative door stopper

In stock


Measurements:  25cmH x21cmW x20cmD

Product Weight: 1.35g

Material: Plush Fabric


  • An added member of the family that holds the door open for you no questions asked
  • It protects the door from being opened and closed spontaneously
  • Cute and stylish that will go with any home decor
  • It prevents the formation of dents in the wall from the door handle;
  • It protects furniture, which is near to the door;

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth; do not use strong liquid cleaners

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