FLEXI: Duo Belt S for Vario


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FLEXI Duo Belt S for Vario Dog Leads

Flexi has been the leading company when it comes to best-in-class retractable leads. They invented the retractable lead after all! Designed and built in Germany.

The VARIO Duo Belt S, color-coordinated with the VARIO retractable leash, lets you walk two small dogs weighing up to 5kg each (up to 10 kg of total weight) on one leash.


In stock


Size: Small

Cord Length: 15 x 5 x 12.5 cm


  • Attaches easily and securely with the flexi VARIO multi-belt link system
  • Black with a reflective stripe twin couple
  • Suitable for 2 small dogs (5kg each – up to 10kg)
  • Please read the handling tips and safety instructions
  • Made in Germany

Multi Link System- With various attachment options.

  • Optional Led Lighting/Torch System
  • Optional Multi Box for Treats or Poop Bags
  • Optional Duo Belt
  • Optional Soft Stop Belt


flexi VARIO Soft Stop Belt
      flexi VARIO LED Flash Belt
flexi VARIO Duo Belt
flexi Multi Box
flexi LED Lighting System

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