FLEXI: Vario Soft Stop Belt Leash


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FLEXI Vario Soft Stop Belt Leash

Flexi has been the leading company when it comes to best-in-class retractable leads. They invented the retractable lead after all! Designed and built in Germany.

The VARIO Soft Stop Belt Leash is perfect for gentle stopping of your dog


In stock


Size: Small

Cord Length: TBA


  • Comfortable shock absorber when you stop the leash
  • With reflective components
  • Works with all Flexi VARIO leashes and attaches easily with the Flexi VARIO multi-belt link system
  • Made in Germany
  • Please read the handling tips and safety instructions.

Multi Link System- With various attachment options.

  • Optional Led Lighting/Torch System
  • Optional Multi Box for Treats or Poop Bags
  • Optional Duo Belt
  • Optional Soft Stop Belt


flexi VARIO Soft Stop Belt
flexi VARIO LED Flash Belt
    flexi VARIO Duo Belt
             flexi Multi Box
           flexi LED Lighting System

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