GripSoft: 3-IN-1 Dog Grooming Glove


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The GripSoft 3-in-1 Grooming Glove for Dogs is the complete grooming tool every dog owner needs. Its varying textures suit all needs for quick, easy, efficient grooming with minimal effort from you.

The glove’s rubber side’s tiny, brush-like fingers groom, scrub and massage your dog’s skin and coat, and can be used wet or dry. The fabric side acts like a lint brush, removing loose hair from the coat, clothes and furniture. An outer mesh allows water to flow through, facilitating quick drying.

The 3-in-1 Grooming Glove is one-size-fits-all. An adjustable Velcro wrist strap keeps the glove secure, while inner straps ensure a universal fit for smaller hands.

In stock



  • Rubber fingers groom, scrub & massage skin and coat
  • Fabric side removes loose hair from pet, clothes & furniture
  • Fast drying material can be used wet or dry
  • Universal fit

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