Happy Paws Co: Christmas DIY – Christmas Pudding for Dogs


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Happy Paws Co’s DIY Edition Christmas Pudding is the perfect Christmas gift for your beloved pooch, or their fur-friends!

We have brought this popular Christmas dessert to life with dog-safe ingredients, to ensure that your pooch isn’t left out of all the fun this Christmas!

Available for a limited time  ~ Pudding <ould SOLD SEPERATELY

NB: Item will start shipping from Monday 8th November

In stock


Size: 80g


  • Made in Australia with organic, natural ingredients
  • dog-safe ingredients

Ingredients: Coconut Flour, Shaved Coconut, Oats, Cinnamon, Ginger, Baking Powder & Yoghurt Drops to decorate
Makes 14 individual puddings when using our silicone mould

What you’ll need to add to this DIY Mix:

Eggs, Peanut Butter, Water, (Optional) Molasses for colour


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