Lickimat: SloDog Slow Food Plate – Blue


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Slodog Slow Feeder is a fantastic slowfeeder for animals who like to guzzle their food.

Lickimat Dog Slodog Slow Feeder helps your dog by slows down their eating without casuing them anxiety or frustration.

The Slow feeder is best suited for dry food and it can hold up to 2 cups or 500ml.

In stock


Size: 35cm x 26cm x 3.5cm


  • Non-skid base to keep plate in place and prevent spillage
  • Durable, non-toxic, food-grade material for safe and long-lasting use
  • Slows down feeding
  • Bone-shaped plate offers a large surface area for dog to feed off
  • Features a unique, effective design with mini pockets
  • Food falls out of dog’s open mouth if they try take from more than one pocket
  • Slows down your dog’s eating without casuing them anxiety or frustration
  • Takes up to 2 cups (500ml) of dry food

Recommended by vets and animal behaviourists

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Customer Reviews

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Works great for our Pug!

This works great at slowing down our Pugs eating! It also keeps him amused! Thanks!

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