Outward Hound: Stocking Paw Red

From $6.65

Give your furry friend their own personal stocking for this holiday season with the Outward Hound Stocking Paw!

For a personal holiday decoration and bag of treats and toys just for your pet, this decorative and festive stocking will make a wonderful addition to your fireplace. The large paw print on the end of the stocking lets everyone know that it’s for your dog, and anyone can place toys and other delights for them inside the stocking. With plenty of room to spare inside the stocking, you can stuff it to the brim with entertaining toys and tasty dog kibbles for your furry friend to enjoy on Christmas morning.

Made from high-quality, sturdy, and plush fabric, this stocking lasts through many holiday seasons for your convenience. Get the Outward Hound Stocking Paw for all your pet gift-giving needs and make your buddy’s holidays extra special!



  • Small (Approx. 89mm x 38mm x 198mm)
  • Large (Approx. 305mm x 102mm x 25mm)


  • Large and spacious pet stocking for holiday occasions
  • Festive design and colours with paw print on the end
  • Can be reused every year for stocking stuffers
  • Great to use for decorations and as a gift bag for your dog’s new treats and toys
  • Made from soft and durable material for long-lasting use

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