Pet Dreamhouse: SPIN Interactive Adjustable Slow Feeder – Windmill


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Challenge your pet to fun, exciting meals with the SPIN Interactive Feeder Windmill!

Mealtimes for your dog just went to a whole ‘nother level!

With the SPIN Interactive Feeder Windmill, your pet will enjoy meals or treats in a unique, challenging, and entertaining way.
This slow-feeding bowl features an adjustable and interchangeable windmill center with small pockets where you can place treats or food. You can adjust the height of the windmill or flip it over to hide pet food inside the main bowl!

The windmill encourages your dog to nudge and spin it around to reach the bowl and slow down their eating to prevent bloating, choking, vomiting and gulping.
You can also use the small windmill compartments and the bowl to introduce your dog to different treats and foods.

In stock


Size: Approx. 25cm x 9.2cm

Colour: Blue/White


  • Slow-feeding food bowl & interactive puzzle game for dogs
  • Features a rotating windmill with small compartments for food and treats
  • Main large bowl to hide food/treats under the windmill
  • Removable windmill centre can be reversed for more variation in difficulty
  • Adjustable windmill height to make the puzzle more challenging for your pet
  • Encourages your dog to spin and nudge the windmill with their nose or tongue
  • Slow feeding helps prevent bloating, choking, gulping, and speed-eating
  • Gives you a variety of ways to introduce your dog to different treats and foods

Give your dog more entertaining mealtimes with the SPIN Interactive Feeder Windmill!

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