Pet Dreamhouse: SPIN UFO Maze Interactive Dog Bowl & Slow Feeder


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SPIN is an innovative award-winning concept that includes a round base bowl and various interchangeable spinners

It’s a dynamic pet bowl that turns meals into fun and interactive slow feeding games. It encourages behaviours such as sniffing, licking, problem-solving during meals, which naturally slow the eating down and prevent choking or other potential hazards from fast eating.

SPIN UFO Maze is an advanced interactive food dispenser. By rotating the disc underneath, food can be gradually released via gravity from the two adjustable openings of the storage cap. The connection between action (rotating the disc), reward (food released per rotation) and challenge (slow feeding area) creates a fun feeding game and exercises your dog’s mind.

In stock


Size: Approx. 25cm diameter x 6 cm (with cap 13 cm)

Colour: Green/White


  • Multi-functional dynamic feeding system
  • FDA compliant Food Grade material, BPA-Free
  • Reduction of cost per function and overall plastic usage
  • Dishwasher friendly

Give your dog more entertaining mealtimes with the SPIN Interactive Feeder Windmill!

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