Pups & Sups: Supplement – Calming Vibes


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For the pups prone to anxiety and stress, this blend will aid in promoting calm behaviour while helping to prevent reactiveness.

Each of the pups & supps blends are formulated with holistic pet nutritionists & vet nurses and made with all natural, wholesome ingredients that will nourish your pups from the inside out. Consisting of all of the good stuff and none of the bad, to bring you the best tasting & healthiest dog meal supplements.

In stock


Size: 120g


  • This supplement is made right here in Australia
  • Made with superior quality ingredients that are suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds & sizes.
  • Stimulates production of serotonin, lowering anxiety & aggression
  • Attacks and reduces inflammation & reduces effects of stress
  • Increases dopamine & acts as a natural calming aid

Ingredient Breakdown

  • TURKEY – which stimulates production of serotonin, lowering stress, anxiety & aggression
  • VALERIAN ROOT – which reduces anxiety and stress symptoms
  • PASSIONFLOWER – increases serotonin & dopamine
  • HEMP – natural calming aid
  • CHAMOMILE – attacks and reduces inflammation & reduces effects of stress and anxiety
  • FLAXSEED – anti-inflammatory

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