Rufus & Coco: Breath Buddy


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Rufus & Coco Breath Buddy is a safe water additive for dogs and cats that helps to support healthy teeth and gums.. while leaving their breath nice and fresh 

Tip: Initially, your pet may be cautious about drinking the water as it turns green (from natural ingredients). Be patient – it won’t be long before they are happily lapping it up.

In stock


Size: 150ml


  • Naturally promote fresh, pleasant breath
  • Support healthy teeth and gums


How to promote fresh breath:   

First, add fresh clean water to your pet’s water bowl. Now, pour one teaspoon of Rufus & Coco Breath Buddy into the water (approximately 5mL per 500mL of water). Allow your little mate to drink as normal. Remember to change water daily.

Caution: Green colour may stain porous fabrics and surfaces – put a mat under your pet’s bowl.

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