Rufus & Coco: I Give a Wag – Ziggy Zebra Disc Toy


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These Rufus & Coco’s disc toys are perfect for throwing and fetching.

They are snuggly and have soft hands and feet. All disc toys make funny, crinkly noises when touched or squeezed – your dog will love it! The arms and legs make the toys more life-like, which keeps your pup entertained.

There is one for fetch, one for tug of war and one to cuddle – a lot of options available to reward your little mate. Collect them all!

In stock



  • Throwing & Fetching
  • Rewards Healthy Play
  • Fun Noise


Let’s play Fetch!

Some pooches are bred for fetching, but all dogs love this game. Use a ball or a disc that can be thrown a distance. Avoid sticks that can cut your dogs mouth. Have your dogs attention on the toy while it’s in your hand then throw the toy for them to retrieve. Call your little mate back to you and use the command “Drop it” before throwing it again. Reward your dog for bringing the toy back with praise or if you are introducing the game, use some treats.

Remember: It will take time to teach your little mate the commands. Be patient, and always use positive reinforcement and treats to reward the correct action for the command.

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