Rufus & Coco: Soft Mesh Neon Harnesses – Neon Pink


The new neon range of Rufus & Coco Soft Mesh Harnesses are made from durable comfort mesh which is both soft and breathable.

The reflective straps simply clip on, and are adjustable for the perfect fit.



  • Neck up to: 36cm
  • Chest: 43 – 60cm

Suitable for: small breeds including maltese terrier and jack russell.


How to harness your dog:  

First, undo clips and slip harness over your little mate’s head. Then, adjust straps so you can clip the harness behind their back comfortably.

Our Sizing

We always try our best to accommodate pets of any breed and size, but our favourite furbabies come in all kinds of unique size and shape! So please be sure to measure your pet’s sizing (then check and double-check!) before making your size selection.

Here are some tips on measuring your pet:

  • Keep in mind which product you are measuring for. For Harnesses, Step-in Harnesses and Collars, you’d want the fit to be snug (but not too tight that it would make your pet uncomfortable). For Apparel items, usually, a little room for them to move is better.
  • As a general rule of thumb, allow enough room to slip 2 fingers between the measuring tape and your pet to get a snug fit.
  • If you find that your pet is in between sizes, go for the larger size! This way you will have room for growth or an increase in coat thickness.

Harnesses Size Chart

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