Smiley Dog: Pet Cologne ~ Apple & Lemongrass


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Aqua Pet Cologne Apple & Lemongrass

Smiley Dog® Apple & Lemongrass Pet Cologne is formulated to neutralise ‘wet coat’ and other unpleasant pet odours. No propellant.

Combine your grooming routine with the perfect combination of Smiley Dog Apple & Lemongrass shampoo & conditioner, followed by a spritz with Apple & Lemongrass . It will  make your fur baby, smell and feel delicious.

Literally! Your dog will look like a million dollars, feel like like a soft wispy cloud, and smell like a freshly baked biscuit!

Out of stock

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Size: 30ml

Fragrance: Apple & Lemongrass

Dog size suitability: Any

Ingredients: Aqua, a blend of Lemongrass and Apple fragrances. Biodegradable.


  • Refreshes Coats & Beds
  • Neutralises ‘wet coat’ odours
  • Great Finishing touch after bath time (check out the matching shampoo & conditioners)
  • pH balanced for animals
  • Supports Assistance Dogs Australia
  • Country of origin: Australia

All Natural Dog Products, Made in Australia

Organic Dog Products for beautiful coats. Look and Smell Fantastic

No more “bad fur days” for your best friend! Smiley Dog® creates pet care products that prioritise health, vitality and wellness, because we only want the best for your dogs! Through our promise of only using natural organic dog shampoo that’s made in Australia, each product is formulated to be safe and effective.

Because all dogs are unique, our range of shampoo, conditioner & Colognes are designed to be the best for your furry companion. For long hair that’s prone to tangles, short hair that needs deeper conditioning or older dogs and puppies that need some extra love and care, you’ll find the perfect product for your pup.

Dog owners

Dog owners

Perfect for all kinds of dogs, especially sensitive ones, Smiley Dog® leaves your pet clean, healthy, and happy while being gentle on your skin. Whether they’re sleeping in your bed or snuggling with you on the couch, Smiley Dog® products give a great finish and a long-lasting aroma – making your best friend comfortable, clean – and even more loveable!

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