SunggleSafe: Microwave Heatpad


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Minutes to heat up – 10 hours of warmth

Snuggle Safe Heat pads are great for all sorts of animals.  Such an easy and safe way to give them the warmth they need and love on cold nights.

What is the SnuggleSafe heat pad?

The unique microwave heat pad, designed especially for use in animals’ beds. A 210mm round disc (the size of a dinner plate), that fits into any microwave oven and snuggly into any pet’s bed. The SnuggleSafe heatpad is for use in domestic microwave ovens only. (Max 1,500 watts)

In stock


SIZE: 8 1/2″ in diameter, 1″ thick rigid plastic disk.


  • Safe and soothing warmth
  • Non-electrical; simply heat up in your microwave
  • Plate-size pad easily fits under your pet’s bed
  • Provides up to 10 hours of warmth
  • Non-toxic thermapol compound
  • Bonus Fleecy cover
  • Great for a newborn kitten, pup or rabbit, not to mention hedgehogs!
  • Ideal for arthritic and aging pets

Just pop it into your microwave for a few minutes, it will provide up to 10 hours of warmth. Slip it under your pet’s bedding at home, in the car or wherever it’s needed. That’s it!
This temperature is warm enough to keep your pet cozy yet safe enough not to burn your pet.

How to clean the SnuggleSafe Microwave Heat Pad?

The Snugglesafe Microwave Heat Pad is made from a plastic so it can be easily wiped clean. It comes with a removable cover that can be machine washed. The cover is made from a fleecy material that is quick drying.

All SnuggleSafe Heat Pads come with a free soft cover!

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