Zippy Paws: Happy Bowl Slow Feeder – Pineapple


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Make mealtime fun for your eager eater with the ZippyPaws Happy Bowl Pineapple slow feed bow!

Fun, quirky, and bright, the Happy Bowl Pineapple is a slow-feeding bowl with multiple hollowed-out sections to mimic the skin of a pineapple. These grooves allow you to put only a small amount of food inside each, or you can simply use a specific number of these square sections to control your pet’s diet

The raised design allows your dog to eat up to 10 times slower, helping to prevent bloating, belching and choking – promoting a healthy diet and weight. Non-slip base to prevent sliding. Holds 4 cups

In stock


Size: Approximately 35.6cm x 22.9cm x 5.7cm

Design: Pineapple


  • Fun pineapple-shaped slow-feeding pet bowl with multiple square sections to divide food up and help control your dog’s portions
  • Ideal pet food bowl to help reduce bloating, chances of choking, and other digestive issues caused by overeating or eating too fast
  • Helps your pet eat 10 times slower and holds up to 4 cups of food
  • Holds up to 4 cups of dry dog food or can be used as a treat-dispensing puzzle game
  • Non-slip base to keep bowl in place

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