Zippy Paws: Zippy Burrow – Bucket of Chicken


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Whether it’s Friday night, Footy night, or just can’t be bothgered night, even your dog needs a Bucket of Chicken sometimes.

It’s the KFC for dogs, and the Bucket of Chicken Zippy Burrow is a delightful and challenging puzzle game toy for your beloved canine.

This toy features a bucket-shaped Burrow with three squeaky and friendly chicken legs that you hide inside the bucket for your dog to extract.

It’s a great way for your dog to relieve stress and entertain their burrowing or digging urges! Each chicken leg includes one round squeaker and is stuffed for maximum comfort when playing.

Make the ZippyPaws Chicken Bucket Zippy Burrow a part of your dog’s daily entertainment!


In stock


Size: Bucket Size: Approx. 14cm x 14cm x 15cm

Design: Bucket of Chicken Zippy Burrow w/ 3 squeaky chicken drumsticks


  • Fun bucket of chicken Zippy Burrow hide-and-seek interactive dog toy
  • Features a red bucket with 3 squeaky drumsticks to hide inside the bucket
  • Great way to satisfy your pet’s burrowing/digging urges and relieve anxiety/stress
  • Mentally stimulating and challenging puzzle game for dogs
  • Keeps your dog entertained for hours
Squeaker: RoundInteractiveStuffing

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