Zuna’s Pantry: Dehydrated – Kangaroo Ears with Fur

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Supports good digestive health

A natural treat with the fur still on in a very natural diet, fur is the main source of fibre in a dogs diet.

A huge hit with most dogs but some dogs may have to be enticed to even try these. Dogs may have never seen fur on their food, so it can take time so be patient.
Perfect for teeth cleaning thanks to the toughness of the skin and also the furs polishing and cleaning abilities.

Remember to supervise your dog while eating CHEW treats


Size: 2 Packs available

  • 2 Pack
  • 4 Pack


  • Single product protein
  • Longer lasting treat
  • High in Omega-6
  • No Nasties – No additives. No Fillers. No enhancers. No preservatives
  • Supports and aids in good digestive health
  • Made in QLD with 100% Aussie Kangaroo
  • Suitable for all size dogs

Ingredients: 100% Australian Kangaroo

Benefits of fur:

Adding Fur to your dogs diet is a great source of fibre and it assists in good digestive health in many of the following ways:

  • An improved digestive system strengthens the immune system – the gut is home to 80% of a dog immune system
  • As the fur is scrubbing out the GI (digestive ) tract, the fur also helps eliminate worms and parasites from a dog’s gut.
  • Fur helps to bulk up the stool, providing more consistent, solid poops and naturally expressing the anal glands.
  • helping teeth to stay clean – the fur acts just like the dog’s natural toothbrush – it polishes their teeth;
  • not fully breaking down so it brushes its way through the GI (digestive) tract, thereby cleaning away any food built up over time;
  • cleaning away food build up, reduces the likelihood of a slow digestive system. A slow digestive system can become like a breeding ground for yeasts and other nasties;
  • cleansing the GI (digestive) tract, aids the body in absorbing nutrients;

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